Today’S World Of Comics

Today’S World Of Comics

Comics are great for sharing with others; people can use comics to share stories of all kinds, from funny, to scary, to sexual. Individuals can easily find many ways in which they can be have a great deal of fun while they are reading comics. Someone may use the comics they have in order to point out something that the other person has never seen before even though they have read it multiple times.

Artists can write comics about all sorts of subjects and use those subjects to tell stories to others directly. Those who write comics can help their readers relate to the story they are intending to tell via many methods, including the use of the right kind of intelligent storytelling via words as well as the right kind of pictures to help give to the reader the entire point of the story they are trying to tell. They can use comics to show others what they are thinking and feeling as well as the kind of viewpoint they intend to bring out.

Comics can help create feelings of all kinds in those who read such comics. Such feelings can include a feeling of laughter as the person tell a story that is funny and charming and makes people recognize themselves in the story. They can also use the comics they are reading to help them convey such feelings as sadness when someone does something in the story that is bad for them or something happens to them that is less than ideal. Other kinds of stories include stories of intrigue where the focus is on the person’s feelings of being an outsider and plotting against the dominant culture.

Many other kinds of comics help to bring out essential feelings of excitement, particularly if a story is well told. A well written comic story can be used to tell a story from multiple points of view, giving the reader a chance to experience the story from a different perspective than they might normally have.

Today we even have comics that mimic Playboy or Penthouse; use of erotic comics has been around for hundreds of years, but became mainstream when added to Playboy Magazine. If fact, in interviews Hugh Hefner has stated that he started off writing comics as a boy, which then later manifested into the Playboy Magazine Enterprises that we see today worth multi millions.…